Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Healthier Food Choice For That Food Craving

So, who doesn't have food cravings? Whether its your monthly cycle, pregnancy, or emotionally induced, your brain knows what your body needs. However, in this day and age our cravings is more likely to spin out of control as we crave more for unhealthy food choices. How many of us crave for veggies or fruits? Oh I so wish this was the case. We often crave for foods that are not good for us like sweets and I mean lots of it, salty things, and even fatty foods and red meat. You get the picture. 

There are many ways to stop cravings without destroying your diet and your overall health. Research shows that those who restrict food suffer the most from intense cravings, compared to women who don't make specific foods off-limits. The key is to indulge in moderation and with healthier substitutions. For example, if you experience a sweet or sugar craving eat a fruit instead of that donuts or candy. If you must have a chocolate craving why not go for a darker choice. Dark chocolate is known to have more antioxidants and less added sugar. You can also choose low calorie foods as well. If your crave that grill cheese sandwich substitute it with whole wheat bread and low fat cheese. 

I would prefer you to wean yourself off these unhealthy cravings specifically sugar all together, but I know that's really hard for many and maybe too drastic. However, I say try this with baby steps until your'e fully weaned. I weaned myself off sugar and salt many years ago and never felt better. Yes, it really works, no more cravings for me - yippie. And guess what, it wasn't that hard - was the best thing I ever did. I was determine to change my eating habits into a more healthy one - just glad I made the right choice and I know you can too.

Other ways, to rid a food craving would be to keep a craving journal. Yes that's right have a journal where you can list the time of your craving, the emotions you're feeling at the time, the foods you crave, and what and how much you ate. When you look back through your journal, ask yourself if there are any patterns, such as certain times of day when you tend to experience food cravings. Are there certain emotions or situations that tend to bring them on?

So, what happens when you skip a meal, or refrain from eating when you're truly hungry? Well, sooner or later, you get VERY hungry that you end up overeating to compensate. It's in this state of extreme hunger that we tend to crave quick-fix foods like candy bars. Eating several meals through the day may help to control cravings.

Unhealthy foods are very accessible and inexpensive. These foods are engineered to taste good, but that doesn't mean we must indulge. Take control of your health and take care of yourself.  Most of us could use a good dose of this. If we take good care of ourselves day to day, we may be less likely to feel stressed, angry, unhappy, etc. Therefore we would probably less likely to crave comfort foods. If the voice inside you seems to be telling you to indulge in junk food every time you turn around, it may be a red flag that you need some nurturing. Maybe you need some support, time to yourself, or time to play a little.

Sherldine Tomlinson.