Tuesday, 24 March 2015

How To Create Tranquility At Home

Whether you have a tiny studio apartment, a cabin in the woods, a dorm room, a house in the suburbs or a large home with plenty of rooms to get lost in, work hard to make your home a peaceful and tranquil place. Everyone needs somewhere to go where they can be themselves and relax after a long day of work or school.

You don't have to own new or trendy decorations or furniture, in fact you don't even have to spend money. Your friends and family can sit on pillows or eat off of paper plates, but if you keep your place clean and inviting, everyone will feel at home. Offer fun reading material, and put effort into really paying attention to the conversation. Try and predict the needs of your family, roommates or guests before they have to ask.


You will be surrounded by happier and healthier people. Your family will thank you for creating a safe place for them to live, and your friends will always want to come over and share their lives with you. You are creating a community place where people can be open and honest. It is easier to keep a balanced perspective when your home is an inviting and restful place.

Step It Up:

If you are easily able to keep your home in a tranquil state, begin to think about inviting someone to stay. It could be a relative who lives far away or a university student who simply needs a room to rent. Perhaps some friends of yours just lost their home--invite them to stay with you until they get their feet back on the ground. Go out of your way to find guests to stay in your home. Offer to host a sleepover for your children's friends. Start a fire in the fireplace or add candles for soft light. Have warm blankets handy during the cold seasons. Offer a warm cup of coffee or tea. Play some gentle, peaceful music. These small touches all make a home seem more peaceful.

Keep It Simple:

Hospitality is not a gift that comes easily to everyone. Even if you are more private by nature you can still create a peaceful and tranquil home. Invite close friends or family over for dinner, or for a game night. You do not need to host overnight guests, but rather host a fun game night. Often the simple act of attentive listening is enough to make someone feel at peace in another's home.

Courtesy the random act of kindness foundation