Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Why I Recommend High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) For Fat Loss

When my clients tell me they want to lose weight, I let them know that they shouldn't be focusing on weight loss, but rather they need to concentrate more on burning fat. Anyone can achieve weight loss by just taking in fewer calories than what their body burns on any given day, but to lose fat, now that’s another story. Your body-weight fluctuates daily since it’s influenced by numerous physiologic activities including muscle tissue loss/gain, water retention/loss, fat loss/gain and so forth. So when you lose weight you are shedding more than just your weight. Fat loss works differently and it takes longer to burn than you want to.  But the results are much rewarding as you will be preserving muscles tissues, which you need and other bodily functions. 

So how do we rid body fat, instead of just our weight? Am an advocate for the HIIT (which stands for High Intensity Interval Training) workout. I strongly agree that this exercise workout is far more superior for fat burning given that you burn more calories, which equals to more fat loss and you increase your metabolism without negative the effects. HIIT is also backed by research, so this is even better to do it. I prescribe this workout to my clients if their desire is to shed pounds and still look tone. Many of them have seen good results. 

Anyone can do HIIT, even though the training may be slightly more complex. The exercises you choose in your HIIT don't have to be too hard or highly intense. For older clients, I design my HIIT workouts very simple with less difficult moves and very little overexertion. Here's a sample of one of my simple HIIT workout you can try. I usually do 8 to 12 rounds with very little rest in between exercises (10 sec) and do I ever sweat. 

Step ups for 30 sec or more
Rest for 15 sec or more
Punches w/ hand held weights for 30 sec or more
Rest for 15 sec or more
Jumping Jack for 30 sec or more
Rest for 15 sec or more
Mountain Climbers for 30 sec or more
Rest for 15 sec or more
Sprint in Place for 30 sec or more
Rest for 15 sec or more
Jump Squats for 30 sec or more
Rest for 15 sec or more
Repeat in the same order 

There are many scientific theories why the HIIT workout is a far better approach for fat loss than other workouts, but I won't get into it -- keeping it simple here. Just remember fat loss is what you ought to be focusing on instead of weight loss. There's a big difference as you can see and this is by far the best workout you can do for fat loss as HIIT helps to maintain your muscles and other functions, while you burn off fat. Also keep in mind that your body fat % is a key indicator of your success for your overall weight loss and not the dreading scale.

Sherldine Tomlinson.