Friday, 10 July 2015

Staying Fit at 72-Year-Old

Age ain't nothing, but a number! anyone can be fit at any age. Meet 72 year old fitness dynamo Janice Lennard.  Ms. Lennard has been involved with ballet, yoga, and pilates through study, practice, and instruction for over 65 years. She has retained the vigor and stamina of her youth – both in body and mind -- through her various practices and she wants to spread the word about the amazing benefits she has personally experienced and has helped her thousands of clients achieve. She is living proof that certain exercises -- practiced regularly and accurately– no matter at what age we begin -- will pay off as we get older. 

"Now in my early 70’s, I am often reminded of the degree to which the regular practices of ballet barre, yoga and pilates have been of benefit to people of my generation. My personal discovery of those benefits of retaining the vigor, stamina and stability of health in body and mind of my younger years compels me to share those practices with the like-minded" says Ms. Lennard.

"Fortunately, because I have been blessed with good health and have done my best to preserve it through continuing to learn, practice, and teach what I have learned over the decades to my seniority, at 72, I seem to have the same flexibility, muscle tone, balance, and weight which I had in my 30’s! Of course, I must admit that the ultimate credit for my habitus must be given to my parents, Jules and Evelyn Leal, who retained their youthfulness into their 90’s", said Ms. Lennard.

In addition to her weekly classes, Janice works with the National Multiple Sclerosis Society to instruct MS students on the benefits of yoga. As a volunteer, she also teaches a unique class she calls, “Music & Motion,” which she has designed for those who wish to learn yoga, but have limited mobility and must exercise while seated in an ordinary chair or in a wheelchair. 

Fitness truly is a lifelong journey that doesn't end until our last breath. So, get fit and get moving. Always remember to have smile and have fun. 

Sherldine Tomlinson.