Friday, 21 August 2015

Ways To Help You Feel Good About Exercise

I dont know about everybody else, but I love to workout. If I miss a workout, am irritable throughout the day --- it's like part of me died. I always look forward to working out; I plan my workouts in advance and set myself fitness goals. This motivates me to stay on track.

Unfortunately, for many people exercising on a regular basis can be very difficult. Unlike me, many people see working out as a tasks that they don't like doing, but feel obligated to do. It shouldn't be that way, exercising should be enjoyable and it is suppose to make you feel good.

I know it is hard to start an exercise regimen as it's tough, and when your body is in pain from getting into shape it's even harder to really enjoy yourself. These obstacles and others significantly hinders one from enjoying a good workout.

If you're just planning to start a workout programme your goal shouldn't be to get buff or lose weight. The first step you should focus on is getting to a fitness level where you no longer hate to exercise. And for that all you need is consistency. Don't force yourself to do anything too hard or unpleasant, just make sure that you stick with it and never quit ---- like what the Nike slogan says just do it. When I was doing my undergrad, I worked out at the university gym almost everyday. I remember one day the fitness coordinator was going around the gym asking people to try their new spinning class and I told her I wasn't interested. The next day I happened to bump into her at the student centre. We started a conversation and she mentioned to me that they needed more participants to keep the spinning class going, so I joined.  I fell in love with spinning and incorporated it into my workout. Most recently, I started doing Kemetic Yoga and am enjoying it. That's all it takes find an exercise you really like and do it.   

There’s no absolutely no reason to torture yourself at the gym. Once you're in better shape you will enjoy pushing yourself a little harder every now and then. I love to challenge myself and encourage others to do the same. But until you get there, make yourself do something that you find enjoyable. Try and be consistent with your exercise programme. The key to being consistent is making your workout so easy/convenient/fun/awesome that not doing it just feels silly. Here are some more tips to set you up for a lifetime of fitness. Get Fit, Get Moving!

1. Commit to consistency

This is worth repeating. Make a commitment to sticking with your plan. If you find yourself not able to meet your goals, change them so they're easier to achieve ---- remember SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time).

2. Team up with a friend 

Find a gym buddy and workout together. A gym buddy offers motivation to help boost your workouts.  

3. Download some good tunes.

Listening to music while exercising helps to keep you motivated. Nothing gets me pumped more than hearing some loud, upbeat, blood-pumping dance music while exercising, specifically during my interval training workouts. 

4. Keep your workout fresh.

It is a good idea to switch up your workout and don't do the same thing. Doing the same workout day after day is boring. Plus, you won't see much results if your goal is to build muscles or be lean. I often switch up my workouts to boost my metabolism and to stay energised. 

5. Join a recreational sports team

Even better than one friend is a group of friends. Intramural sports teams are a fantastic way to get a few weekly workout in. I was very active growing up and played intramural badminton, floor hockey, ringette, softball and soccer. My sister Lisa and I were the Venus and Serena Williams of badminton. I also use to play recreational tennis with friends and went swimming. Without a doubt, engaging in sporting activities are enjoyable.

Furthermore, I would argue that exercise participation is the most important habit one can have, the one that allows all of the other habits to fall into place. Exercise allows you to see and feel the benefits of striving to better yourself, enjoy it. 

Sherldine Tomlinson.