Welcome to my HERS FitWell blog. I created the blog because of my love and passion for fitness and lifestyle medicine. My inspiration began when I was 14 years old. I remember working out with my brother and fall in love with fitness. I would do push-ups, weight training or aerobics by following along with the 20-minute workout TV show or the Caribbean workout episodes -- don't know if any of you know or remember these. I also enjoyed watching Bodyshaping an exercise show with weight training, aerobic exercise and stretching and nutrition segments --- this was where I learned about proper weight training and sports nutrition. I use to record all these fitness programmes and kept a collection. I still have some of those exercise VHS tapes. When I got older, I started buying my own exercise equipment, my first was Suzanne Somers ThighMaster. Thereafter,  I bought dumbbells, a weight training bench, a stationary bike and so on. Fitness was so much part of my life I even got a gym membership --- SuperFitness was the first gym I ever joined. During my years in university, I never missed the gym even when I had exams. You might say I was a fitness buff back then and continue to be.   

My love for health and fitness has guided me to help others in becoming healthy for longevity. We only have one body and when our whole body does not work well, all things happen. In almost every part of the world, we are seeing people with some type of chronic disease, whether it be diabetes, hypertension, heart disease or cancer etc. Not only that, but too many are dying from these health conditions. Mental illness is also becoming a serious health issue experienced by many. I truly believe that most of these health conditions are preventable if we eat well, and take the time to take care of ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. 

My fitness blog is dedicated to bringing you the latest news, tips, and research in health, fitness and wellness. With a holistic health approach, it is my mission to educate and encourage population awareness in adopting a lifestyle of healthy eating and active living. 

Best in Health,
Sherldine Tomlinson, MSc, R.Kin. 

Medical Disclaimer

This website was created solely to provide information on health, fitness, and wellness issues and is not an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare providers. If you have any specific questions about any medical matter you should consult your doctor or other professional healthcare providers.